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The Astounding Tyson Mowat

Freelance Concepteur, Canadian Gentleman

I've lived in Northern Canada my whole life. I know what it's like to have to plan events despite rain, snow or "other". I've been helping people with their design projects for 3 decades, in one capacity or another.


Back before there was Internet, print publications were King. I'd worked with Newspapers, 'Zines, even CD ROM directory services made the rounds. Now that everything is instantly available in everyone's back pocket or bag, it really opens up a lot of potential to enter The Information Age.


I'm here to help you present yourself to the world through whatever medium you prefer, whether it is digital or "hard copy", on-screen or on billboards. Let's get together and discuss your needs!

Graphicsman studio & showroom is now located at 10514 - 101 Ave Fort St John, BC to better serve GFXM clients! More display space, more production space. 

Showroom hours 12:00-6:00 monday to friday, with other times available by appointment. Call Two-Five-Zero 793-6766 to schedule a one-on-one meeting!

I enjoy helping my friends and neighbours with special projects.

T-shirts, hoodies, special gifts that celebrate a connection to our peers are fun to make because I get to imagine them being given and appreciated by friends.

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